Product description

EXTRIMIR 176 is a multifunctional extrusion lubricant with high viscosity compound esters, which can be used as thickener and lubrication improving additives in many field, providing  excellent boundary lubrication. EXTRIMIR 176 can be used as an enhancer for extreme pressure sulfur-phosphatic additive in oils or water-based formulations. Especially, it can take the place of chlorinated paraffin. EXTRIMIR 176 is ash free and contains no sulfur, phosphorus or chlorine.



1. Excellent boundary lubrication characteristics, prolonging tool life and improving surface finish, these properties optimize the tolerance of cutting and molding application consistent, as a result they reduces the cost of reprocessing components.

2. Compared with the non-additive EP system, adding 10% of EXTRIMIR 176 can significantly reduce wear, improving load efficiency and mechanical efficiency. EXTRIMIR 176 can further increase the load capacity when it is mixed with sulfuration additives.

3. Compared with traditional chlorinated paraffin, waste liquid treatment of EXTRIMIR 176 has smaller environmental effects. Furthermore, it avoids cancer and other health problems which are caused by C13-C15 chlorinated paraffin. And it will not lead to the corrosion and decomposition issues made by hydrochloric acid. Its design is suitable for hardening alloy steel or in strict application.

4. Better clean combustion characteristics and shear stability, EXTRIMIR 176 have consistent lubrication effect and machining accuracy.

5. It can be used in pure oil and water-soluble formulas.

6. According to the actual application, recommended dosage is 5-15%.

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