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  You might think Gimir is only a professional metal processing fluid additive supplier, but in fact we can help you much more than providing materials. Our service item and solutions are incomparable with other normal supplier. Let us assist you with our innovation mind. Together, we can achieve the goals that we never dream of.


Tailor-made For you

  Once you choose devise a solution, we will provide you suitable customized additive, which includes(but not limit in):

  Lubricant---High performance synthesized ester, vegetable oil functionalized/modified poly-ether.

  Anti-rusting agent---mono/polybasic acid ammonium salt, boron contenting anti-tusting agents.

  Fatty acid amide---different kinds of fatty acid and amine amidated products.

  Polymer---different structure polyester and polymerized emulsifiers.


The Services We Provide

  Gimir devises solutions to provide the product which satisfied specific requirement, committed to help customers through selective outsourcing business, retain our competitive edge in the market:

  Help to develop products involving complicated additives and top-level technology.

  Urge our product leading the market

  Continuously support you by testing new products and analyzing application.

  Shorten the period of push the innovation new technology to the market.


  Adhering to the with all sincerity, Gimir helps customers with providing each kind of chemical additive synthetic technology, product test, formula design and applications. In the field of vegetable modified lubricant, fatty acid amide, polymers, low foaming emulsifier and other additives, we already earn the trust of customers by the following points:

  Create new opportunities

  Promote product differentiation

  Create value

... ...

Our Core Service capabilities

  According to the requirement of customers, Gimir core service capability helps to develop temporarily or long-termly the specific products.

  If want to learn more about how customize the solution is going to help the your customer success, please contact your sale manager.

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